How do I get the orange cloud on my dns settings status?


I’m following from a course. After deleting the 2 orange cloud things, I was supposed to add 2 more orange cloud things, but they’re not appearing orange! I added 2 CNAMES, 1x www->target.clickfunnels(dot)com and another as @->target.clickfunnels(dot)com. Both have circles with an i in it, one blue one orange

CNAME Flattening will be applied to this record since root (i.e. apex) CNAME records are limited by the DNS specification. I don’t know how to fix this one…

The Cloudflare settings for this hostname are being managed by To request changes, please contact them. Pls help people, I’m losing money from this.


This tutorial looks to show you the proper way to set those up:


I followed the guide, but the clouds just are not appearing

#4 here’s what it looks like, the 2 at the top are supposed to be orange


Try hovering over the i and see what it says, I can imagine it being something with already being on Cloudflare or something.



Yeah, as I imagined is already on CF, so they manage the settings of that CNAME…

I suppose also that the @ CNAME is the same thing, plus they are not exposing it as a CNAME as there cannot be a CNAME record at @.

They are already under Cloudflare, nothing to worry about.

EDIT: how are you losing money from this…?


The last step would be to add a Page Rule so your users get redirected to the www:

Add Setting: Forwarding URL:$1
(the $1 forwards the user to the path they typed in)

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