How do I get Support at Cloudflare

On Nov 10th 2019 I deleted 2 domains from my account. One was a free access and one was paid access. I had paid my months service on Nov 4th. Since I did delete this domain, when trying to add it back I realized its not so simple. I could add it back for free, but would have to pay again to add it back to a paid service. Having just paid 5 or 6 days prior I was hoping that I could contact support and see if there is any help working this out. Unfortunately there is not a way for me to contact them that I have found yet. I did send a few emails to support and created a ticket but this has not worked. So is someone here able to tell me if I am SOL or if there is something I can do I am not aware of. It should be noted that I am not an IT expert and am just feeling my way though all of this the best I can. So my knowledge level is going to be much less than others here. So if I have missed something please dont bite my head off, If there is something that I was aware of I would have done that thing first, but I dont know what to do.

Thank you in advance

Also, if my service is now void will I be charged again next month? I did read that just because you delete your domain ( close your account) this does not mean that you have stopped billing. There are many was of billing, so just making sure if I move on without this and accept my loss that I will not be billed again. It appears the billing rules in place are pretty much final .

If you have a ticket it is a good start. Whats the ticket number?

is this my ticket number (#1782192)? I sent the email, received an automated response that said I needed to login and the steps to creating a ticket. After doing that, I receive an email from someone and it does not appear to be automated. It says to log in and the steps to create a ticket. I complete those steps, received another automated email saying the same thing. I have received three automated emails and one from a person. I do know I have followed the steps in creating a ticket but am not sure if this is the ticket number or what to do. I seem to be in a loop that I dont see my way of getting through

@brianpylant, were you able to add the site? Iā€™d add as free plan and engineer can work out details with you.

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