How do I get subdomains of a site on Cloudflare to work?

Hi there

I have my domain hosted separately from the Webhost server. I recently added the Wordpress site to Cloudflare(free) and that’s functioning well.

The problem came when I tried creating a site under a new subdomain of this site. Somehow, whether via Plesk panel or directly, trying to access this subdomain site in the browser consistently leads to site not found, whether by trying to load a simple html page in the root folder, or accessing a new Wordpress site created via a WordPress installation script in Plesk panel.

I asked the Webhost, thinking something must be wrong with server settings, who then said the problem is the subdomain is pointing not to the domain host IP and the web host server, but instead to some “” IP, which I cannot identify, possibly related to Cloudflare (?).

So my question is, how do I get subdomains created through the shared hosting account under this site to work? Am I supposed to add them to Cloudflare and if so EXACTLY how and must one use Cloudflare all these? I’m new to this, so I request specific steps and info I require, so all subdomains work.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @xprtweb,

You need to make sure you have the relevant DNS records in Cloudflare the subdomain.

For example, let’s say you wanted, you would need to go to Cloudflare for and create a DNS record with the name subdomain and point it to the IP address of your server.

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