How do I get special edge locations with minimal cost?

I’m looking to have Hong Kong and Oceania edge locations for my website, but digging around this forum it seems they’re available only in Business and Enterprise plan, which is far from affordable for an individual like me.

I don’t need the extra WAF, Page Rules or whatever more than Free offers, just extra edge locations. Any way to achieve this?

Edge locations are available to everybody, but paid plans do get priority. There’s no way to pick and choose edge nodes to add to your plan.

Try experimenting with this site for which edge locations are available:

You may have to experiment with VPNs to test edge nodes from different locations. But in some cases, the ISP might not route to the nearest edge node.

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That contradicts with what I’ve gathered from this forum. I acknowledged that edge locations (PoPs / Points of Presence) where traffic costs more (like South America, Oceania, Africa) are only available to Business+ plans, but not Pro or Free. For example, Cloudflare’s home page is routed to Hong Kong (actually the best location) in all 3 of my test locations, while my website (which is on Free plan) is routed to Singapore in one test and US West in the two other tests. This is why I’m asking this question.

I’d have to dig around for context, but that’s how it used to be. At some point in the past couple of years, they’ve opened it up, but prioritized based upon load. If that POP is busy, free plans are served from a different node.

Yeah for me in Australia, I have free and pro and business cloudflare plans which all hit Australian Cloudflare edge servers/datacenters most of the time but not always unless it’s business plan. It’s probably the same for other geographical locations with maybe exception of Mumbia, India - I don’t think I have see/read of anyway hitting those CF India data centers ???

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