How do I get more information on a given Ray ID?

Trying to troubleshoot 520 errors and the Error Analytics only shows me the graph of errors, not the request/responses. Also have no way to investigate a given Ray ID. How do I get the details required to troubleshoot this properly?

Cloudflare Logs for Ray IDs are only available (on a self-serve) basis on an Enterprise plan - if you’re an Enterprise customer, look at

If you’re not, you’ll need to open a ticket with Cloudflare Support & provide the details to them so that they can investigate.

520’s are usually, if not always, an issue with the origin so it’s likely that all they’ll be able to provide is what they got back from your origin (if anything at all).

Thanks for the quick reply @KianNH!
I am on the Free plan, so I can’t use LogPull.
I did review that entire link, however I don’t see how to submit a support ticket.

The 520 errors are random, and varying. Some users experience them only on one device (mobile device, cell signal), while others experience it on one of their desktops at home but not another desktop in the same home, while others only experience it some of the time on the same device.

If I had a way to submit the Ray IDs to Support, maybe they could identify a pattern (i.e. bad headers, empty response, etc). One user did mentioned the 520 is immediate, i.e. it doesn’t appear to be an origin server timeout as there is no way period for the response.

FYI I did follow their page for submitting a ticket/request but it didn’t actually submit anything, it went through searching for a support article and then said it couldn’t help any more than it provided. I had no option to submit a ticket to human technical support.

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