How do I get into the domain I just bought from someone who forgot Cloudflare password?


Hi guys,

Pretty weird case this. We’re a small football club (soccer) in Denmark, BK Volvox, and we have the domaine

Our previous provider got bought up by another company, and now the e-mails doesn’t work. They say we put it on Cloudflare (none of us remember that!). Anyway, I bought the domain from the previous owner (she was in the board of the club once), and thought I could then solved it. Turns out I need to change something in Cloudlfare’s DNS settings (I’m new to all this, so not even sure what DNS is…)

BUT none of us know the password, and when I click “forgot password” and enter the data it says an automatic email is being sent. Can’t find out which email address it is being sent to.

I can’t find anything on this. What do I do?

Should I “just” move the domain to another provider? If so, is anything lost? The e-mails that have been sent to us while it’s not been working - are they stored, or just disappeared into thin air?



Lots of posts :search: on this site about recovering account access, you can review them but I think the best course of action is to shift them over to your own account. That’ll have it’s own issues, but attempting to recover access is really difficult if you don’t have ongoing access, contact and communication with the person that set up the account.

You’d add the site to cloudflare, give the two new name servers to your domain registrar (hopefully you have account access for the registrar) and have them replace the two current nameservers with the two new ones.

Hi cloonan!
Thanks, mate! Might have used the wrong keywords (with English not being my native language, sometimes tricky to find the right one), but I found nothing that looked like that. I’ll try again.
Thanks for your suggestion. I guess that’s what I’ll try then.
Thanks again. Much appreciated.

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