How do I get in and admin my wordpress website

The person who was admin of my free wordpress website is no longer available and has left me high and dry. I need to make some changes to my website but have no idea how or where to access it.

I am sorry to hear about it :confused:
Would be good to double-check your email and lookup for any information which you’ve hopefully exchanged, or about a service provider, hosting, domain, you could possibly get for getting any login to at least something, be it hosting, service, etc.
I am afraid Cloudflare could not assist you here.
AS they say, :poop: happens, and we should consider having a backup plan and think twice.
Hopefully, if you do have at least some kind of a contact of your website manager, give it a try to receive feedback information.
There is no guarantee of a success in such cases.

What you could try, if you have had access to the WordPress Admin, usually can be accessed by visiting, try to reset the password at least. If you’ve had administrator rights, might be good try.

May I ask if you used Cloudflare?; which is why you’re writing here? :thinking:

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