How do i get images from clouflare images to my website

How do i get images from clouflare images to my website. Ew to website building and interested I. The images product. The cloudflare docs talk about APIs no idea how to use that. I use WordPress with a page builder plug-in. If i store images on clouflare how does it deliver the images to my website when someone accesses it?

If you haven’t seen it, this blog post is a pretty good introduction to the service.

Since the service was just recently made generally available, I guess it’s not integrated with any tools yet. The most basic way to use this service would be to simply get the image URLs and use these on your website. The blog post explains it like this:

A typical Image Delivery URL looks like this:

You can use this url template to form the final URL that returns any image and variant combination.

So if you embed a URL like this on your website, the image will be served directly to your visitors by Cloudflare Images.

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