How do i get cloudflare support?

I have an email address {redacted}. i purchased this from a company called IONOS recently. I have a domain name i purchased from IONOS and have had for sometime. my emails i am sending out were not being recieved by clients until by chance they looked in their spam and found them. I contacted IONOS for support and was told i need to contact Cloudflare as they are the people i have my account with…WTF??? they told me i need to have code put in my DNS …i said WTF are you talking about? appreciate a little help and guidance as i have this stupid looking line of code i was sent that i am supposed to pass on to Cloudflare but of course i just get these automated email responses and of course in modern day tech not one phone number to call…appreciate any help or advice

What did they tell you to do?

This is a Community forum, and if you say what the problem is somebody will be able to help, but you need to indicate what the problem is, what you are trying to do, etc.

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First, try to check if setup is correct and what can you do to reduce the spam score

Of course, you are using so Cloudflare has nothing to do with your mail server.


Can you post the code so we can try and work out what they think the problem is?

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Thank you so much for your contact, appreciate it…he people at IONOS have asked me to get in touch with the people at Cloudflare and ask them to add a line of code into my DNS for my email {redacted} to ensure that emails from this account do not land in the spam of the receiver. this is the first time i have heard of Cloudflare and i have no idea what role they have in the process however am following IONOS directive…cheers for any advice …this is the code i was sent
v=spf1 ~all

sure this is the code that IONOS sent me to have cloudflare put into my DNS
v=spf1 ~all

I have followed this and recived a score of 7.5 out of 10…thank you am sincerely grateful for this advice


IONOS said it was a SPF/TXT record which needed updating with the code
v=spf1 ~all

what i dont get is why am i trying to talk to cloudflare when i set all this up with IONOS??

If I may add my experience as I also have got few domains on IONOS and using their e-mail service, while the Website is hosted on another server and the DNS of the domain is here at Cloudflare.

If I could share what I have for an example (masked/hidden data on the screenshot below):

NOTICE: I remember I have had to change MX record values (on total of 9 domains on IONOS, but using Cloudflare service and nameservers) as there was a slight change back in 2020 I think, to and similar - which could be a reason why you have possible issues with receiving/sending e-mails, please check this at your DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard and correct if needed using the link from below:

Please note that as of 14 September 2020, receiving emails will only be possible using the correct MX record entries / (alternatively / ).

In my e-mail client (MS Outlook), I use IONOS POP3 and SMTP servers (SSL enabled):

In terms of an e-mail functionality when using Cloudflare for your domain, kindly see below article:

Unfortunately, not true so much.
After checking, I see your domain is using Cloudflare nameservers, therefore you would have to add the TXT (or a CNAME) record (for the SPF) into the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard under your Cloudflare account for your domain name

;ANSWER 21600 IN NS 21600 IN NS

Next what I would do is generate a DKIM key through the IONOS interface - or if not available, ask the IONOS support to generate one for my domain, and therefore add it to the DNS tab here at Cloudflare. That way, I would have SPF and DKIM ready. Having them both, I would configure/add a TXT record for a DMARC policy.

Helpful articles here:

All that to ensure better protection for my e-mails and security measurements, as follows on the tutorial from below:


thank you so much for al the information however it just makes no sense to me i am not a computer programmer…i paid for a domain name with IONOS and then purchased an email…i have no information or account details with Cloudflare…should i close down my IONOS accounts and try elsewhere? appreciate your help G

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Does this mean you do not have an access to your Cloudflare account and cannot manage the needed stuff for your domain name at Cloudflare dashboard? :thinking:

As far as it seems to me at the moment, I would not recommend doing it.

yes this correct i have no knowledge or information of having a cloudflare account …which is the reason i am so confused by IONOS

O-oh, then I am afraid we have an issue here as far as you do not have the needed access.

May I ask what have you tried so far to gain the access?

Have you tried using the form Forgot your password? or Forgot your email? from this link here:

Or have you maybe tried contacting Cloudflare Support? - but as you cannot log into the dashboard, neither know which e-mail is associated with your domain so far, I doubt they could just like that with an ease tell you which e-mail (user) is behind your domain name due to Privacy, Trust & Safety etc. policies.

By all means, send an e-mail from the same address which is associated to the account (maybe it is graham[at]gforce[dot]news?) in question (can you actually send/receive anything, or nothing?) to support[at]cloudflare[dot]com, and see if they can help.

yes have sent email to them just had auto reply hence the reason for the post this evening…have been trying to resolve this since 1pm…wasted day…but thanks for your time and advice appreciate it cheers

Can you please re-check the auto-reply e-mail, somewhere in it it should be mentioned a ticket number?
If yes, could you please post it here in your next reply?

sure no problems and again i appreciate your help it is my business site and email

i am usually very careful with passwords and accounts and i have nothing on cloudflare at all …i pay IONOS for domain name and email and i pay godaddy for the website platform…just sucks…and it shouldnt be this hard…sincerely grateful for any help…G


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I see my colleague Chris is active on the ticket.

Looking at the domain I can see it has cloudflare nameservers

% dig ns		86400	IN	NS		86400	IN	NS

It seems/if those are not your nameservers, then the domain is active in another account (or someone changed them to two random cf nameservers, that would be odd but not unheard of). Assuming it’s active elsewhere, I’d search your email accounts for any details on the sign up and/or contact others that may be involved in site setup and maintenance.

If you cannot regain access, you need to add it to your account (it is in the initializing stage), select plan type and then have your registrar IONOS change the nameservers to the two shown in the account you can access. From there, you’ll probably need to adjust the dns records, but one step at a time. Sorry for the pain.

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hi there…apologies for such a length of time to reply but i had used up my quota of responses and had to wait 24hours…i just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks for your help…i made contact with Cloudflare tech and now it is all sorted. i am sincerely thankful for all your help…stress levels are slowly returning to normal…cheers G

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hi there…apologies for such a length of time to reply but i had used up my quota of responses and had to wait 24hours…i just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks for your help…i made contact with Cloudflare tech and now it is all sorted. i am sincerely thankful for all your help…stress levels are slowly returning to normal…cheers G