How do I get Cloudflare Blacklist removed?

The website owner is receiving a false positive signal from Cloudflare about my IP, and the website owner cannot resolve Cloudflare’s reasons for the false signal. They can override Cloudflare’s incorrect information by creating their own whitelist rule, which does nothing to help me in the long term because Cloudflare continues to generate false-positive signals about my IP to other websites, some of which I cannot even contact to ask for an investigation.

If Cloudflare’s security engine occasionally glitches and generates false-positive signals for an IP, then why can’t Cloudflare have some support process to investigate that and correct it? If there is a legitimate problem with my IP, why can’t Cloudflare show me the traffic they are seeing so I can investigate that, and if there is a real problem then I can correct it. Or, if the website owner has some rule like “never allow any IP that originates from a cable modem user”, then why not have some process so that Cloudfare can inform me about that? I would at least not lose sleep wondering what is going on.