How do I get Cloudflare Blacklist removed?

When I visit websites using Cloudflare I am sometimes directed to Cloudflare web page indicating there is a problem with my security. For example, when I visit “” it gives an error 1020 and “This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.”. At the bottom of the page it references a Cloudflare “ray id” and says “performance and SECURITY by Cloudflare”. None of that suggests a static security rule configured by findmyanswer. That suggests a dynamic use of a security service provided by Cloudflare.

I had a similar problem with a price service for Amazon named Camelizer and their customer service - which was fantastic by the way - indicated that they were using an outside security service that had identified my IP as problematic. They ended up writing a white list rule for my IP to override that outside service. But that is another example where the security problem was not from the website, but from the security service used by the website.