How do I get an answer to a closed question?

The question was merged with another question and closed.

How to get an answer to a question?

The issue of full regime was closed because someone answered about full strict regime, I am not interested in full strict regime.

Hi @Vily,

I actually reopened the thread when I merged your new post there.

Along with recommending a secure setup, the question you posed about the certificate shown in the browser was addressed a couple of times, so I don’t think there’s any need to go there again.

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Then the answer to your question is “No. It’s not correct.” But if you’re satisfied with it as it stands, then go with that.


I see my invalid certificate for 10 years if I disable Clodflare, the site is running in insecure mode

if I turn on Cloudflare in full mode, then the site works in safe mode and the browser shows me R3 for 3 months

what is wrong if everything works?

where does R3 come from?

if it is framed by Cloudflare, will it automatically renew?


It’s wrong that anyone can attack and substitute itself as the origin showing whatever they want to any user as if they were you.

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Everything works on HTTP or a self-signed certificate as well, that does not mean that it is secure. And right now your site is insecure.

As @domjh already mentioned, all your questions were already answered and we are only going in circles at this point. I’d highly recommend to check out the responses you got plus the tutorials you were given as these address all your questions.

Also, change your encryption mode to Full Strict if you want a properly secure site without broken and untrusted encryption. Otherwise, as @sdayman already mentioned, go for it and have your site compromised in no time. As @matteo pointed out anyone will be able to present their own certificate and have a ball with your and your users’ data. Enjoy.

What’s the point of investing time into tutorials, if everybody knows better anyhow and chooses to ignore them and all advice because “it works” :roll_eyes:.

finally :slight_smile:

thank you for grasping the essence of the issue

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