How do I get a proxy or VPN cloud server

Hello guys
I really need a proxy (ip:port) or vpn on (open vpn). The important thing is that it is on a server CloudFlare or contains CloudFlare protection or contains Cloudflar IP Ranges

Well, I know that there is a phone application provided by CloudFlare but now it does not work
Because the Internet service provider earthlink (isp)( disconnects or blocks connection to VPN, Warp

Well, that’s the reason because CloudFlare servers use the Internet a lot because of its high speed
And the Internet in Iraq is more expensive than gold, as it is a monopoly and theft

Now can I have a private proxy or VPN to use on my computer and phone.

If they already block Warp, then that was your only VPN option from Cloudflare.

Impossible, is there really no system on which you can run a proxy or an intermediary company that can make a proxy on CloudFlare? I mean just linking CloudFlare protection to a server will give me the desired purpose

Yes, there is.

Actually you can do it yourself.

  1. use CloudFlare to proxy your HTTPS website.
    It’s very important to use HTTPS instead of HTTP, so your ISP can’t trace your URL.
  2. make up normal contents for your website.
    ISP can’t trace which URL/page you visit but they can trace your domian name. When they visit your website they only see normal contents.
  3. pass through your websocket request from a specific URL to your custom websocket server.
    Encrypt your really internet request in websocket’s payload. Decrypt payload in your custom websocket server. Make your custom websocket server outside your country to avoid your ISP’s check. CloudFlare can cover your server’s ip. Only your domain name & made-up website are exposed to your ISP.

There is a complete solution (open source code) on github. Try to google ‘v2ray+websocket+tls’ & figure it out yourself.

Godspeed :beer:

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