How do I fix these two URL’s coming from cloudflare

I am suddenly getting two issues on my GTmetrix report and they are Minify Javascript and CSS. and Serve resources from a consistent URL

they are

Neither were there before and it seems to be causing an issue. Any suggestions to easily fix this?

You didn’t post your domain name, but those are because of a resource on your site that’s using the CDNjs library that happens to be hosted by Cloudflare. It’s similar to people using Google Fonts library to save space and time.

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Ahhh, there is some issues in their around google fonts as well… didn’t realize that it was part of the issue and talking that would take care of it. My domain is and I guess now that is the part to figure out huh? Or perhaps just quit using Google fonts however I am using them :slight_smile:

To be clear, the Google Fonts load is not directly connected to the CDNjs load. It’s just a similar situation. Themes often use Google Fonts, and Plugins often use CDNjs.

On your front page, I don’t see anything loading anything from CDNjs.

I see, yeah, some of this is beyond me :wink: Oddly, someone had done a few tweaks in my CF account and I thought maybe they turned on something that caused those two URLs to show up. Specifically the Serve resources from a consistent URL error which wasn’t anything to do with Google Fonts. Mmmm, I guess I will need to find someone that understands this all. I always hope for an easy fix LOL!

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So I am assuming this is nothing that CloudFlare can help me with specific to those two URL’s because they are showing up a lot in my GTmetrix warnings.

Correct. Cloudflare does not add those to your website. Some component of your website is doing this.

Thank you for the clarification!

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It’s probably the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin. The following code is in their plugin:

if ( defined( ‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’ ) ) {
$wavesurfer_src = ‘//’;
} else {
$wavesurfer_src = ‘//’;

So perhaps unset the SCRIPT_DEBUG option in your config.

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Ahhh, thanks, will reach out to them and see if they have any thoughts

This is something you can fix yourself. In your wp-config.php file look for a line like:

define( 'SCRIPT_DEBUG', true );

Assuming you are not actively debugging you can just comment out the line.

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Cool, didn’t catch that part, was too quick on the reply. And thanks for that… will do!

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