How do I fix SSL invalid certificate warning

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My site at is currently displaying a red insecure warning. I notice that this is because my security certificate states that it is issued by my hosting provider, in this case hostgator and that doesn’t match the name of my website.

I’m very much the amateur here so please bear with me! I’ve changed my name servers to the Cloudflare DNS in Namecheap (where I purchased the domain). That domain is then hosted with hostgator. But I haven’t changed anything on hostgator. Do I need to?

Thank you


It’s working for me. Checking my connection, it’s going through Cloudflare and getting Cloudflare’s SSL certificate. So I’d say you’ve done everything right for your domain setup.

For some reason, your browser is trying to go straight to your server.

It could just be that DNS has fully updated for you yet. Give it 24 hours and that should take care of it.

Thanks for that sdayman. I shall exercise a little patience and take a look tomorrow!

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Ok so that worked - last night I had my green padlock and all was right with the world. This morning however I’ve had a new problem! I can’t get into my site at all. If I try to log in to the admin version or the front end it makes no difference. In either case I get the ‘too many redirects’ error.


I have no idea why this should have happened suddenly. I was experiencing a problem with the Elementor page builder this morning and the advice was to deactivate my plugins to see if one was causing it. It may have happened when I deactivated Cloudflare flexible ssl plugin (it certainly went out of action at about that moment). But I have no idea what to do next. As I said, I can’t get to my dashboard at all.



That Flexible SSL plugin is critical.

Go to your Overview page in Cloudflare and use “Advanced” to Pause Website. This should bypass Cloudflare long enough for you to get back into your site to enable the Flexible SSL plugin. Then UnPause the Website.

Thank you! Yes I realised it was probably important…sorry. So I’ve done that, reactivated it and everything seems fine now. I still can’t use Elementor but that’s not your issue, I know - I shall get in touch with them.

Thanks so much for your help

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