How do I fix slow TTFB?

I am using wordpress. I installed WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache and connected it with cloudflare and made a complete purge cache and after that my site started to be very slow and also the TTFB is very slow. After that I had came to know that WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache is not official cloudflare plugin. I am new to cloudflare so please help! so that I could improve TTFB and speed.

Thats right, its developed by “Optimole”. It is probably just defined as compatible by the developer.

Welcome to CloudFlare! :slight_smile:

If you want to improve TTFB you first have to check if your Pages are:

  1. statically cachable
  2. dynamically

Anyway these following steps should help you improve TTFB by a lot.

  1. use newest PHP version
  2. activate all needed PHP extensions that speed up page-generation time (OP Cache etc)
  3. cache statically if possible (Cache Everything in CloudFlare is a good start)
  4. always update your Application/Theme/Plugins
  5. use good hardware (VPS is something to recommend)

Thanks, and also for info

I have dynamic website

Can you tell me the steps to do the above as I don’t have effective knowledge on what you are saying?

Apparently not in the CloudFlare forum. This forum is for CloudFlare, not for general Linux support, but just make sure you have all needed and recommended PHP extensions installed. Just google and just see the docs of WordPress/your Theme/ your Plugins to find what is required.

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Ok,will follow the same. I read in cloudflare help page that after making a complete purge chache the website’s performance reduces temporarily, Can I assume that temporary as 24hrs? as I too made a complete purge chache.

It does not depend on time. It is like this:

it will be reduced performance for all URLs on all POPs untill someone calls that URLs.
If it gets called it is proxy Cached on the particular POP which it got served from.

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