How do I fix DNS queries overload problem?

Dear All Experts

I’m facing a big problem in DNS queries recently it happens two times daily i guess with over 700 dns queries and it used to be even more like 1300 in just single second , it seems as some sort of sophisticated DNS DDOS attack or something , any tips or ways to help and avoid such ones.

problem shown in photo below.

Many thanks

Why are worried about the amount of DNS requests? They are free and don’t really mean anything, it could be bots making DNS requests or other health services. Just because there are more DNS requests doesn’t mean your server would be under high load.


Hi @Cyb3r-Jak3

Thanks for reply , but I’ve saw a relation between my domains getting super slow like a turtle and sometimes even I can’t access my cpanel and these high volume of DNS requests in a seconds.

As for dns health testers there won’t be such weird peaks like that.

do you recommend certain adjustments or tweaks to avoid it ?

Cloudflare handles the DNS queries, so none of these requests involve your origin or infrastructure. You have correlation, not causation. If your origin is slow, I’d recommend digging into that with the hosting provider.

You have no control over who queries your DNS or when. One of my domains looks like this and it has 0 public websites associated with it.


Thanks for replying @cscharff

does it load fast or super slow , are facing performance issues or normal ?

Cloudflare’s DNS infrastructure is capable of handling tens or hundreds of millions of DNS queries per second. It is done completely independent of any origin infrastructure you maintain.

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