How do i fix cross-origin policy?

I just setup my site and i added a live streaming video player on my site but when i (or anyone else for that matter) click the play button on the player, I get this: “check cross-origin policy” I am totally STUMPED ! Im a newby and havent gotten a clue how to fix this Please someone direct me to somewhere here in Cloudflare to tell me how to fix this. I searched but prolly not in the correct places. Thanks!

I turned Cloudflare completely OFF and my wowza player is working. Developer Mode doesn’t work when i try that, but turning off Cloudflare lets my video player work again. How in the world do i fix this? I am missing a setting somewhere, I just dont know where Help Please.

Looks like it’s not CORS, but an issue with HTTPS.

The player Javascript it gives you includes this link to the livestream file:


this ends up as a http:// link, however, due to how HTTPS works, the browser tries to load this URL over HTTPS. The server that m3u8 livestream is on doesn’t work over HTTPS, so the browser won’t play it (to avoid the connection being downgraded to non-secure HTTP).

My advice is to ask them why their server doesn’t work over HTTPS, or ask them if there is a way to get this livestream over HTTPS.

Thanks Judge!
Is there a way I can bypass (or “allow”) that url to pass through the firewall? or someway else?
They want $80 bux to fix this on their side and im Not giving them a dime more money.
Thanks Again!

Sadly no, this isn’t a firewall issue, The browser itself blocks HTTP urls if the current page is HTTPS. It honestly can only be fixed on their side, or you can turn SSL to Off which would reduce security and show “not secure” in chrome.

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