How do I fix a borked DNSSEC pre-transfer?

I made a mistake when setting up DNSSEC on one of my domains,, before I decided to transfer the domain over to Cloudflare Registrar. Now after the transfer is complete, it is taking forever for the maintainer of the zone to update the DS records. How do I fix that borked DNSSEC?

You can try to disable DNSSEC on Cloudflare, wait a while, and then re-enable it.

However, as far as I know that still won’t necessarily fix it. Cloudflare as new registrar needs to fix the record under .info and only support can do that →

That was tried but it never worked. I am asking support for help on this.

Toggling DNSSEC? I thought so.

In that case you do need to contact support.

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@xcvista I see you have contacted Cloudflare support on July, 8th and you confirmed that the issue has been fixed. I will close this topic.