How do I find where CloudFlare IP List is used?

I use Cloudflare free for five websites. I’d like to create an IP list, but apparently I already have one being used, but because it’s in use I can’t delete it.

How do I find where in Cloudflare the list is being used so I can remove it and create a new list?

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Can you clarify what you mean by “IP list”?

Sure, screenshot below. I can’t post links but if you search Google for “Cloudflare Manage IP List items” you will find the documentation.

@tom-wald-nz Click the edit button and you’ll find the list. Also you can add too.

Thanks. I already know how to edit the list, I’m trying to work out where in the Cloudflare dashboard it’s used so I can delete the list. When I hit “delete” it says “you cannot delete this list because it’s in use”, but doesn’t say where.

I also want to know about it and right now I got the answer. it is very helpful in finding my IP lists on Cloudflare.

A List is used in a Filter, and you can get a list of all filters in a zone (domain):

How do I see that in the dashboard? I don’t use the API, though I could work it out if I needed to. Lists are defined outside of a zone / domain, so you would have to query all domains on your account. Even then all you have is a list of filters, which doesn’t tell you where the list is used.

Lists can also used be used in the WAF.

@tom-wald-nz did you ever have any luck figuring this out?