How do I find the pair of dns numbers for my first domain purchased at Cloudflare?

The domain is and I can find dns but not the pair as below

ns1. …


ns2. …

Thanks for any help

If you are looking to change nameservers for your domain, then that can’t be done for a domain registered with Cloudflare as stated at the time of purchase. Your allocated Cloudflare nameservers can be found at the bottom of the DNS page.

You can point your domain at your hosting using the Cloudflare DNS and you can delegate nameservers for subdomains.

If you want to use different nameservers for your domain then you will need to transfer your domain out to another registrar after the (ICANN mandated) 60-days.


I didn’t ask that mate.

It is simple.

I need the


and ns2

for my domain purchased at Cloudflare.

Then this, as I said…

They have names, not ns1 and ns2.


Jen and Yisroel in this case.

Registrar: Cloudflare, Inc
Name Server:
Name Server:

Thank you - I have never seen these sort of dns numbers before.

The story of why is here…

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I notice that you haven’t created any DNS records for your apex or www name, and you have no MX record either. You can learn how to create them in the following guide.

Did you have any further questions?

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