How Do I find Out who is hosting my website?

How do I find out who is hosting my website?

steps I have take:
-looked up the ip address–
- ip address search it is coming up unknown under the host–
- tried to search using hosting only shows hosting and prompts me to contact cloudfare. (I set up for couldflare for ssl and it is masking who the host is )

Ultimately I am looking for the host to find my FTP Details and Database Info so I can change my hosting. Currently being ripped off and would like to choose a different provider.

Any tips would be helpful as this is sort of new to me. THANKS!

You should be able to see the “actual” IP address of your website by going to the DNS tab and then you can run a whois on the IP addresses you find there, (eg using terminal or


+1 to the reply from @Judge that will be a definitive answer. Failing that, if you’re paying too much, I suspect you could “follow the money” and find out to whom.

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Last time I talked to them they told me if I didn’t use their hosting all my information would be deleted . The company was called Elagoon digital out of India that is not around anymore and Their replacement support person Who reached back out to me I don’t want to deal with anymore

I have secured and changed my Wordpress login info which they do not have and my domain is with godaddy. Now I am simply trying to figure out how to change hosting

@ Judge I have both ip address but when I do the reverse search it shows my Cloudflare dns but for hosting it just saying hosting

that worked. thank you

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I guess that’s an approach to customer retention :confused:

Are you looking at the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard?

^I’d start with the IP shown next to this A record on your DNS tab. If the IP you’re investigating starts with 104., look elsewhere, that’s a Cloudflare IP.

Thank you it starts with a 209. The domain goes to a when I google that it pulls up to a company I may just give them a call.

I even looked up just backing up my website on Cloudflare through codeguard but to do that I also need the FTP instructions which I don’t have :frowning:

I was actually going to mention something about getting access to all your assets on the site, FTP and the ftp address on your DNS tab will get you part of the way there, but you’ll need a password at some point.

If it’s WordPress, find a migration plugin. I use All In One Migration, but the free one has a size limit. I’m sure there are other good ones for free. That should get most, if not all, of your data exported.


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