How do I find out my database name?

Hello guys, I’m building a website for the first time, so I’m following the instructions on this website:

I’m trying to install Wordpress to my domain, but I need to do it manually, because my domain host does not provide the 1 click install…

the problem is, according to the tutorial, I need the database name from my host provider (which I found out is Cloudflare).

I searched everywhere, but couldn’t find, can someone help me please?

Thank you very much!

Cloudflare is not your host provider, they provide proxy services to speed Up and protect your website (and your host)

Assuming that you are on a shared hosting you were provided with all necessary logins and technical details by Bluehost, Hostinger, Hetzner, Host Europe or who ever your host provider is.



how do I find out who my host provider is?

I used this website:

and it said that my website was hosted on Cloudflare:

Yes. All they do is resolving the hostname to it’s IP address. If you’re using Cloudflare in front of your website they will see one of CF’s IPs. Second step is a lookup on this IP which is owned by Cloudflare.

As stated above. You need to contact the company where you made the hosting contract.

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That would be the company/ site where you are deploying your software. At the moment your domain appears to point to based on the link available on the error message on your domain’s main page. So you would configure it there.


thank you so much MarkMeyer and cscharff!

I did it at, but their customer service isn’t so good…

I’ll give it another try!

thank you very much once more!

1 Like is a domain registrar. They do not offer hosting services. They will most likely tell you that your records point to Cloudflare nameservers (otherwise you wouldn’t get the message saying Cloudflare is your hosting).

What you need to do is go to Cloudflare dashboard > DNS and check to which IP the records are pointing to. This ought to be your origin server IP at your hosting provider. Then run a whois search for this IP and you will probably know what company is hosting your website.

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Thank you very much for your answer!

I was able to solve my problem! the website is working now and the redirection is also working!

What I was trying to do was redirecting my to and got stuck with the database name because I read on that first link that it was the way to achieve it.

The thing is actually ver simple and I found the solution here:

For someone that got stuck with the same problem, I’ll explain the steps I took:

I bought the domain at and created a free account at wordpress…

In they have a basic interface where it’s very easy to set up the redirection, but if you want to set up an e-mail, you’ll need to migrate to the advanced interface.

Once you do that, the basic interface set ups will no longer work.

I asked for help to the customer service, but they didn’t help me at all… Later, I found out (wrongly) that my hosting provider was Cloudflare, so I created an account here.

I changed the DNS servers to the ones that Cloudflare pointed to me. It took 2 hours and at that point I became able to manage the DNS records at Cloudflare. I just copied what I did so far at and it worked fine. I could send and receive e-mails.

The next step was to set up the redirection in the advanced mode. That was the moment I used the tutorial on a specific comment in the link above.

Basically I did the following at “DNS” field:

Later, I went to the “page rules” field and did the following:

It’s working pretty well now!

I think you may be able to do that without leaving, but it’s probably easier that way.

Will work on the content of the website now! thank you all for the kind responses!

Before I forget: buy and use bitcoin :wink: haha let’s bankrupt the banks!

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