How do I find out if my domain is a premium domain?

I’m considering transferring my domains from GoDaddy to Cloudflare and one of the things I notice in the “getting started - transfer your domains” page is that you can’t transfer Premium Domains.

The only context I’ve heard the term “Premium Domains” used before is to describe valuable domains, e.g., but that can’t be right?

So I went on GoDaddy and domains with extensions (TLD:s) like .art and .biz are considered premium.

The domain I have is a .com (over 25 year old if that makes a difference) could there be a potential issue?


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There is a GoDaddy article that may help you:

However, there’s a faster way of knowing if your .com domain is premium or not: how much do you pay for it every year? If you pay $10-40/year, it probably isn’t. However, if you pay >100$/year, it probably is.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you. If I go to subscriptions on GoDaddy and put my domain in the cart at Godaddy it wants to charge me $19.99 per year for each year (up to $99.95 for 5 years). Is it safe to assume it’s not premium then?

Yes, it’s not a premium domain and you’ll be able to transfer it to Cloudflare.

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