How do I find CF nameservers?

How do I find CF Nameservers to change at the Registrar? My DNS tab in Overview says it’s hosted at Bluehost, which is true, but is silent as to CF nameservers. Help, pls.

Then you’re signed up through BlueHost and you will continue to use BlueHost’s name servers that will provide Cloudflare IP addresses. And that’s a functional setup.

It’s not working. DNS isn’t going thru CF.

What’s the domain?

As you said, it’s not going through Cloudflare. Bluehost DNS should have some sort of Cloudflare setting for each DNS entry.

Did you do the “Activate Cloudflare” thing at Bluehost?

If you’re still stuck, contact Bluehost support and have them check your settings.


Apparently I have not. Thanks.

I’m already paying for CF, not free. BH never mentioned “activating” CF, and the look of the cpanel in the link is not like mine.

Found it: Platinum Edit Stats Advanced Active

I have a “Platinum” CF account.

There is no such thing. Thats something from your host and they should be the first point of contact for any issues.

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This is what I got:

Thats a question for your host. They should fix whatever needs fixing.


Thank you gentlemen. I am now on the CF Pro plan, after 90 minutes still getting 500 and 523 errors but got Bluehost off the A record and CF on it. Not yet fully propagated I see. My question is, how does CF know where to route my traffic to Bluehost? TIA

TXT v=spf1 a mx ptr ?all


Should my static (dedicated) IP hosted at Bluehost be included in DNS, say in an A record? If not, how is CF know where to go at BH? I obscured DNS below.

A localhost points to Automatic Delete
A mail points to Automatic Delete
A points to Automatic Delete
A points to [that’s Bluehost but NOT my static hosted IP:] Automatic Delete
CNAME ftp is an alias of Automatic Delete
CNAME imap is an alias of Automatic Delete
CNAME pop is an alias of Automatic Delete
CNAME smtp is an alias of Automatic Delete
CNAME www is an alias of Automatic Delete
MX mail handled by mail.therichardrosereport.com0 Automatic Delete
SRV SRV 0 0 443 Automatic Delete
TXT v=spf1 a mx ptr ?all Automatic

From CF:

Changes in DNS settings

Sometimes host providers update the origin IP information for their customers. In that case, make sure the the new origin IP address for your A record is reflected in your Cloudflare DNS settings. Wait up to 5 minutes for the change to take effect.

Hi @report,

Sorry there wasn’t a reply to your question in your original thread.

Yes - the IP address of your hosting should be included in an A record at Cloudflare, if the IP they provide is a static one then yes, that it what you should enter in the A record.

If you are not sure, I would confirm with them which IP you should be adding in the A record.

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