How do I find a website hosting through cloudflare?

I ran into a website Scam. How do I know its hosting if it is connected via Cloudflare ? I’m applying to the police and specify the hosting, because the police will not look for themselves where the site is located and simply refuse.

If you see a site breaking local law, report it to local authorities and submit an abuse report to our team. Go to The Trust and Safety team will then review the details and reply as appropriate.


If the IP address being used by the services is in Cloudflares ranges, then it is connected via Cloudflare.

Try running a command like this:

whois -h $(dig +short | tail -n1)

Replace the text in bold with the domain name you are investigating. You will get a result like this:

% whois -h $(dig A +short | tail -n1)
AS | IP | AS Name
13335 | | CloudflareNET - Cloudflare, Inc., US

And as @cloonan said, if it is illegal, report to local law enforcement.


@cloonan is 100% correct.

In terms of simply finding for yourself if a specific website is using Cloudflare, you could also install this Chrome extension:

This shows an orange cloud in the omnibar when you are browsing a site that uses Cloudflare.


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