How do I find a DNS A record and where do I change it?

My website is down. Error 1000. I’m not a techie. The instructions say to change my DNS A record to resolve. Where do I find that?

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This is absolute Greek to me. I am not a techie and don’t understand. I need someone to help me solve this.



Cloudflare is a self-serving platform, so I am afraid you will need to hire a professional for that if the available documentation doesn’t do the trick. Or reach out to your host, they might be able to assist.

But you only need to configure the DNS entries provided by your host according to the documentation.

My host company says that he can’t help me. If I started with a new hosting company and got new DNS numbers would that help get my site back up?

I can see this is being pointed from GoDaddy. I don’t understand why this is happening all of a sudden.

Yes, your host (either your current one or a new one) needs to provide you with the correct DNS settings. Once you have them, you have to configure them on Cloudflare and it should work. Just make sure your host also configures the site for SSL, as otherwise there’ll still be issues.

Bottom line, your site needs to load fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare, then it will also work on Cloudflare.

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