How do I extend a domain registration to the maximum of 10 years?

How do I extend a domain registration to the maximum of 10 years? I don’t want to auto-renew every year. I could not find any option to do this in the CF UI.

Currently these are just one-year renewals. There’s not much point to extending it to ten years. We’re already paying Cloudflare’s cost on them, so we’re not going to get a discount. And locking in to a single registrar for ten years probably isn’t the best choice.

I don’t want to pay for it or bill my client annually. I prefer one transaction over ten years to ten transactions over the same time period.

This is disappointing to hear, and is a major motivating factor for me to transfer back to the previous registrar. I hate dealing with bookkeeping that much.

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There is the advantage of locking in the registration fee for ten years. Also, once a year has passed one can transfer the domain to any other registrar.

So I can understand @web19’s request, however Cloudflare simply still is beta-ish as far as the registrar service is concerned and I guess all these features will eventually appear.


What’s the issue with auto renewal? :thinking: You don’t have to care about it. Speaking of our company, auto renewal is activated by default dir every domain unless a customer doesn’t want it to be renewed.

Off the top of my head:

  • Don’t want to deal with annual bookkeeping.
  • My client cancels service with me, and I forget to cancel an auto-renewal.
  • Want to use a different credit card for any reason.

I’m a sole proprietor, not an agency, company, or enterprise business. If you have a company card, then, yeah, sure, who cares? It’s the company’s money and credit card, not mine!

What does CF do to ensure that any declined charge can be remedied by the domain registrant with sufficient warning?

This just isn’t something Cloudflare offers at this time. I’m sure the registrar team will eventually work on a “extend registration” button.

If you really don’t want to deal with renewal, I hear network solutions offers a 100-year registration package :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. I also hope Cloudflare will provide this feature in the future.

I would like to see this too. Google have confirmed that length of registration is a factor in how they rank websites - a domain being prepaid several years ahead is a strong indicator that it is not a fly-by-night site that will soon disappear. Maxing out the registration period is one of the first things that SEO agencies recommend for important domains.

Can you please post an authoritative source for that claim?

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I have the same wish - partly from past experience with academic budgeting. I can get my university to pay for a 10 year registration of our project domain now, during the lifetime of the project - but a year from now, the books are closed and another year just won’t be paid for, so I can only do 1+1+1 if I pay out of my own pocket instead. As a small company, we also prefer paying for 10 years at a time for our domains: the cost of the extra 9 years is less than the hassle of having to repeat the process of paying then getting reimbursed via expenses a second time, let alone 9 more times when it’s totally unnecessary.

Yes, it’s nice that some registrars give a discount for paying for longer - but in some cases, we’d actually be willing to pay a small premium for longer, and in other cases we simply can’t renew beyond our accounting cutoff point: we’d have to either register elsewhere (even if it’s multiples of Cloudflare’s price) or let the domain lapse completely.

I am pretty sure Cloudflare will eventually offer it. The entire registrar part is still somewhat in its infancy at this point.

I want Autorenew for every month for Railbook

What do you mean by “month”? Domains are renewed on an annual basis.

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Updating this thread for future readers. The feature to manually renew for multiple years is available with Cloudflare Registrar now.