How do I edit site after transferring my site from Google Domains?

I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have transferred my site from Google Domains and it is now hosted by Cloudflare. I am slightly confused about how to start editing the site. I am not an experienced coder and have only used template based sites in the past. I would be grateful for some basic starter advice. many thanks in advance.

Cloudflare is no host, so you simply transferred the domain itself, but the content is still with its original host, whoever that is :slight_smile:

I believe that Squarespace have acquired Google Domains. I cannot access the website editing functions because the site has disappeared from Google Domains. Any ideas?

I am afraid you need to contact your host on that, Cloudflare has no control here.

That’s really frustrating. So Google Domains are still hosting the site while Squarespace migrate all its users over to them. Because the site has disappeared from Google Domains Website editing page it means that I cannot edit the site until Squarespace migrate the site,. This could be months! ouch.

Google has some hosting services, but the particular service was about domain registrations. I am afraid nobody here can tell you who hosts your site. Maybe go through your invoices if that is not clear or check the owners of the IP addresses for which your domain is configured.

Bottom line, if there is a hosting issue, you need to contact your host, Cloudflare is not involved here.

Thank you. I understand now. Much appreciated

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