How do I download full server log files?

seems to be no option to see the full logifles.

You need to use something like LogPush, Instant Logs, or Logs Engine to get HTTP logs


thanks - please - will this work on cloudflare logs - or regular server logfiles??

also, we do not use Enterprise.

And ContentKing as recommended looks like a toy - no pricing present on website.

Thanks, will check the rest.

HTTP logs from Cloudflare include stuff like the request information. Are you trying to pull logs from your origin?

I am dealing with a fuss-up with Google Cost Per Click Advertising

I can see, via Google Analytics, that virtually all my CPC traffic is coming from international areas outside of where I have focused my advertising.

Google is now requesting my “logfiles” yet the server logfiles on GoDaddy show all traffic coming from Cloudflare.

Yes, that makes sense to me.

But where do I find the actual originating IP addresses?

Google can find the country information - where do I look to find it - in detail (like a .gz file) that shows original IP addresses??

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about past traffic. That ship has sailed. You definitely need to be restoring original visitor IPs on your origin server.

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