How do I do route email to Microsoft account/Outlook webmail?

I have a Microsoft account that I login to using [email protected]. Once I’m logged in, if I go to Outlook webmail, there’s nothing there. I have very little knowledge of MX records and email routing but I’m pretty sure that the reason there’s nothing there is that there’s a bunch of MX records with the current registrar (I’m in the progress of migrating my domain from to Cloudflare) which collectively route email for my domain to accounts that they host, which I have to access via which brings up roundcube webmail (which I hate).

In the “Create a Custom Address” section of my Cloudflare dashboard Email Routing, there’s a field where I specify the custom address (the part to the left of “” - which is prefilled and can’t be changed) then there’s a field for the destination. But I can’t exactly put “me” in the custom address field then “[email protected]” in the destination - but how the heck do I tell it to send it to my Outlook webmail (the @ddress for which is [email protected])?

Have you added those MX records to Cloudflare?

A Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise subscription is required to receive email via MX in Outlook online. If you use the consumer platform, you will need to devise a more complicated setup using a forwarding service such as Cloudflare Email Routing. It will require that you route the email to your address and not your domain email.

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That makes sense. Thank you! But I still need to do something to make sure that mydomain emails get routed to Cloudflare - so they can forward them. Right?

I haven’t because A. There’s so many of them (and I suspect not all of them are necessary), B. If I enter all those in, won’t email just continue to get routed to their IP address?

Thanks for responding. Sorry I’m so clueless!

Is there a reasonably simple guide somewhere that will walk me through creating the basic MX records that I need in order to have all mydomain email routed to Cloudflare so that they can be forwarded to webmail accounts (which is the desired behavior, in general)?

I would start with this guide.


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