How do I disable Workers on domain?

I have Workers enabled on a few domains, but now that the beta has ended I need to disable some. How do I do that?

PS: the email that was supposed to go out to beta users never arrived here…

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Hi @matteo! All you have to do is disable your routes on those domains. As long as your workers aren’t actually running, you won’t be charged.

I’m sorry you never received the post-beta email. I did confirm it went out, perhaps it hit a spam filter?

Hi @zack! Good, thanks!

I searched through the audit logs of G Suite, nothing showed up. I see only the Blog notification, the initial invitation to the beta and a Community notification.

Hi @zack - this does not seem to be the case for me. I have a domain which I previously enabled workers on, which has no active routes (there are actually no enabled or disabled routes) but I am still getting charged the monthly fee. Am I missing something?

Thank you

I believe it has since changed. Go in your billing section and select subscriptions. There you should have all the current subscriptions, Workers included. Note that currently only one per account is required, they don’t split it per domain as of yet.


Awesome @matteo - this worked for me. I also had thought I had stopped my subscription to Argo tunnels by turning it off for my domain, but I still had an active subscription alongside workers, so thanks for pointing that out!

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