How do I disable Tor blocking?

I have subscribed to Cloudflare’s Ethereum API service and pointed my domain at it using CF nameserver. When a user tries to access the API via curl from Tor, they receive an HTML response instead of the appropriate JSON response (the Accept header is set to application/json so an HTML response should not be returned even on error). As most of my users are quite privacy/security conscious, I would like to allow them to connect via Tor and I’m willing to accept the risk of burning through my API request limit (which I’m currently paying for).

I can see the blocked requests in the Security Overview page. I tried adding a firewall rule to allow requests from T1 countries as both a Firewall Rule and an IP Access Rule, but I am still receiving the “Just a moment…” HTML response when I make a request.

What do I need to do to disable Tor blocking?

May I ask have you tried temporary disabling the Browser Integrity Check? :thinking:

Otherwise, I wonder if the given IP address in the moment has had some bad reputation history since before.

I just tried adding a page rule to disable the browser integrity check for the domain, but that doesn’t appear to have resolved the issue. I also set the security settings to “essentially disabled” which also doesn’t seem to have helped.

Interestingly, I do see in the Firewall Events that some Tor sourced requests were “Allowed”, but that doesn’t seem to have changed behavior. Also, I’m not seeing a Firewall Event for all requests that are getting blocked, suggesting there are perhaps multiple layers of the system that are blocking for multiple reasons and returning the same challenge page.

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