How do i disable rate limiting with cloudflare tunnels?

hey so i have a dilemma where i host 5-8 Minecraft servers and im moving from bluemap web map do dynmap but luckily i tested dynmap in my test server because when i try to access dynmap it loads but when i do something in the web (zooming in/out, going to a different world it frezes and when i reload the page it gives me:

Error 1015

Ray ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx • 2024-04-30 19:15:58 UTC

You are being rate limited

What happened?

The owner of this website (mapdyn.mydomain.not-yours-to-see) has banned you temporarily from accessing this website.

how do i fix this

Have you reviewed your rate limiting rules? I am not aware of any tunnel specific rate limits.

i have not set anything at all for that but i will check where do i find it?

also i have a free account

ok so i found the rate limit settings for my domain but there are no rules set in it

Check your firewall event logs when it happens again along with perhaps your DDoS settings. That may help you determine what is triggering it