How do I disable cloudfare. I have also removed my website from my dashboard!

My website traffic is flowing through Cloudfare. I want to stop your service as soon as possible.

I want to remove the cloudfare from there!! I have deleted my website also from cloudfare. But this is still persisting!

As seen in the below images, I want to stop Cloudfare from resolving!

You need to change the name servers at your domain registrar to the ones recommended by your web host.

EDIT: It looks like you’ve already done this. Give DNS 48 hours to catch up.

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Sure. Thanks for helping.

Also, I guess my certificates are also producing the Green lock due to Cloudfare certificates being used! Is it?

Once DNS propagates, your site won’t be using anything from Cloudflare, including SSL.

Okay sure. Thank you.

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I have gotten a mail from GaDaddy that my nameservers have been changed! But on whois and sslshopper it dosent look like!
Any comments or can you explain me what is going on exactly?

That is a question for the whois data provider and sslshopper.

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