How do I disable Brotli for specific pages

I need to disable Brotli for certain pages in my website, namely* because some of these pages produce continuous output, meaning they flush output line by line while generating it, and it is useful sometimes, as opposed to waiting for the whole output to appear at once once completed, which may take several tens of seconds.

I went to Page Rules but I can’t find a way to disable Brotli for a page rule. I already have a rule that says Disable Performance, but surprisingly enough, that does not disable brotly.

Am I missing something obvious?

I wouldn’t want to turn off brotli on the entire website just because there’s a very specific subset of pages where I need to turn it off.

Even worse, now I have tried turning off Brotly completely for the entire domain, and now all the response are GZIPped by CloudFlare even when the origin server is NOT serving them gzipped.

How do I turn that off?

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