How do I disable a cloudflare redirect when I am no longer a suscriber?

Hi Folks. I can’t find a similar post to my problem so I hoping someone can help me. About a year ago someone convinced me that Cloudflare would solve my websites access problems, but it never worked and I cancelled it all. Unfortunately, it now seems that some redirects to Cloudflare are still happening when users try to access my site which causes the site to not show up. How do I disable the redirect when I am no longer a customer of CF? They won’t accept my tickets.

Specifically, when I run dig it shows almost all connections to my site working except for this one:

86392 IN NS <>
86392 IN NS

Any ideas on how to fix this? Any help is much appreciated! Bernie

This is a long shot, but you may as well try signing in or signing up again. Then add the aforementioned website. You might be able to bring up the previous rule that redirects those pages and disable it. After testing everything you can sign out and leave CF alone.

Thanks…I am coming around to that idea. I tried changing NS at NameCheap (my registrar) and changing them back again, hoping to re propagate the correct IP address. I guess I have to wait 2~3 days to see if that works but after 14 hours, the old cloudflare NS still are showing up. If that doesn’t work then I will do what you suggest. Cheers.

Depending on which browser you used when you with Cloudflare before, your login credentials may be saved as auto-fill options. Try logging in with the same browser and email addy or user name and see if your password is automatically filled in, and if so, login! This is much better than rejoining with a new account and trying to sniff out old redirects.

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