How do I delete strange A and AAAA DNS records

When I do a DNS lookup I get 3 AAAA records and 3 A records that I did not set up on the DNS manager. The DNS records I setup are not showing when I do a DNS lookup. This has caused error 1000 and my website is down.

Please help.

Hi @bonganimakhafola,

This should explain it:

As for the 1000 error, did you move your domain from one Cloudflare account to another? If so, you will need to delete records pointing to Cloudflare’s IPs and point them to your server.

I read the tutorial and i am still unanswered, now does proxying create A and AAAA records?
i did not move my domain from one account to another . i have always had one cloudflare account.

Can you post the domain name and a screenshot of your DNS records? We should then be able to help further.

The domain name is

the screenshot

screenshot of DNS lookup

You have your A record configured in the first screenshot to point to the 104. address, this is Cloudflare’s IP and can’t be the IP address of your server. You need to change that to point to your server to resolve the 1000 error.

As for the DNS lookup returning 3 Cloudflare IPs, that’s expected when proxying through Cloudflare and should be covered by the tutorial I linked to earlier.

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This 104. address was given to me by my hosting company ( and i am under the impression it is correct. Please double check it

$ whois

NetRange: -
NetHandle:      NET-104-16-0-0-1
Parent:         NET104 (NET-104-0-0-0-0)
NetType:        Direct Assignment
OriginAS:       AS13335
Organization:   Cloudflare, Inc. (CLOUD14)
RegDate:        2014-03-28
Updated:        2017-02-17
Comment:        All Cloudflare abuse reporting can be done via

As you can see from the whois lookup, that address you have configured is Cloudflare’s and therefore can’t be the correct address to point your site to. You should probably check this with your host as to what DNS records you need for your site to function.

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Let me check with them

My host has confirmed to me that the address i should use is and
what i noticed is they also use cloudflare and maybe that could be the reason they use the use the 104 address.

Please have a look at this address to make sure :pray:t5:

Please also see this screenshot from my host

If your host is providing those addresses, they will need to address the issue you are facing with the 1000 error.

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Sorry for the long silence i was not well.

There are other website hosted at the same hosting platform as my website using the same DNS address successfully. Why am I stack?

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