How do I delete current users in Access?

I’m looking to delete my current Access users. How can I do this?

How did you add that user? Or do you mean revoke the user session?

I’m following this exactly but the user sessions are remaining (I believe the billing is based on active authenticated users, which made me realize that my desired use case is not going to work out):

“To revoke a single user, begin at the Events card at the bottom of the Access app in the dashboard. In the Current monthly users tab, search for the user to revoke, and select the Revoke Session option and confirm.”

I do that and the ‘Revoke Session’ button does nothing and all the users remain.

Have reached out to CF support.

Post the ticket # here. Sometimes the mods check in on open tickets.

p.s. How do you know the user sessions are still active? If you’re trying to revoke sessions so you don’t go over your user quota, I doubt that’s going to free up slots within the month.

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:wave: @danielrosehill,

Billing is based on unique users per month.

— OG

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Hey! Sorry for the slow response. I described my use case in this thread. I was worried that I would have inadvertently created a bunch of users but thankfully the user limitation I set when I set up Access kicked in and people simply weren’t able to use the email OTP. So I’ll only pay for what I configured at the start.

(Also yes, CF support kindly informed me that users reset monthly and that revoking sessions only … revokes sessions, so it wouldn’t have helped even if the button had worked, which it didn’t seem to).

Essentially I misunderstood the billing model.

Which is a great pity as this otherwise seemed like a perfect means of controlling access to my writing portfolio … but given that I field requests to view it fairly regularly (and each user typically only spends five minutes in it opening/downloading links) it would also be pretty uneconomical and a poor use of budget.

I’m still using Access for my staging environment but for the portfolio … it’s back to cruder and less eloquent means of protection!

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Thanks. CF support did get back to me eventually but I appreciate it.

For some reason the ‘revoke session’ button didn’t seem to be doing anything. But as I learned, the user count simply aggregates with each new person that authenticates and then resets once a month.

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Thanks for sharing, @danielrosehill!