How do I delete all my projects and my deployments?

how do I delete all of my projects and my deployments? I would like to start over from scratch. Thanks for your help, Timothy

I’ll assume you’re referring to Pages/Workers projects. Correct?

AFAIK if a project is deleted all deployments are deleted along with it.

AFAIK there is no simple “delete everything” button, you’ll need to delete project by project. Alternatively, look at the API to retrieve a list of pages/workers projects and automate the deletion of them.

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Thank you, THE.
Yes, I was referring to Pages/Workers.

After you encouraged me, I decided to try harder to find that [DELETE] button.
Somehow, I found the [DELETE] button and then I deleted everything.

THANK YOU again,
P.S. In the past, It did not allow me to delete it. In the past, I must be deleting the wrong thing such as deleting the deployments or “whatever”. I am okay now :slight_smile:

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