How do I delete a DNS record that I have entered wrong?

I entered two DNS records in wrong, I think I needed to uncheck the proxy (not really sure what that means, I’m following videos to set this up as complete beginner!)

So I either need to delete the records so that I can put them in again or change the proxy setting.

But there is no delete sign next to each DNS record I have entered or if I click on it or the proxy sign nothing happens.

What can I do to change them please?

Hi, you can delete a DNS entry by clicking on “Edit” under Actions, where you’ll see a grey delete button. The proxy option is only available for A, AAAA, or CNAME records. If you use it, your site’s traffic will run through CF’s network and will have the benefit (on the free plan) of DDOS protection, free Universal (shared) security certificates, and better performance due to your site’s contents being cached locally all around the world, etc.

Yeah, if only it was that simple!
I appear to have nothing there under actions!
See image.
Screenshot 2022-05-17 at 16.33.05

Nothing happens if I click on anything!!
I’m learning how to do this stuff (which is a bit/ well a lot - way over my head!!) so I am learning via youtube videos, which frustratingly always seem to be different to what my screen looks like and what I can do on it!!

Ok so maybe if I come at it at another angle!
I am trying to add records from sendgrid, but when I clicked verify, this came up

I assumed it was because I hadn’t unchecked the proxy, but now I dont know.

The only way to edit the records is via the Edit link, which isn’t visible as you say.

Have you selected a Cloudflare plan yet? That may be the issue.

yeah, I’m just on a free account.

Are your assigned Name Servers shown in your CF account exactly the same as shown here?:

Oh, I’ve just been looking at the plans, it says the free plan is just for hobbyists.

I am using it to host my new website with Groove, where I sell my handmade jewellery. Does that mean I should have a business plan at 200 dollars a month!!!
My business can’t support that! It’s only small!

Your Name Servers look correct. Maybe try removing your domain from your CF account and add it back in again.

That kind of worked! I can delete records now.

Can you tell me why I’m getting this error message on sendgrid tho?
I’ve deleted the records and put them in again, but its still saying its wrong

Uploading: Screenshot 2022-05-17 at 18.31.59.png…

It’s hard to say, DNS records can take a while to propagate, but it’s usually fairly quick. You could try disabling the CF proxy and waiting a while, then re-verifying the DNS config on the Sendgrid side again.

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