How do I debug a 524 Error?

A specific task (deleting a Woocommerce product) gives ma a 524 error if my site is proxied, but runs fine if I turn proxy off. My Hosting company says they don’t see a problem and I should contact Cloudflare.

What would be my next step to diagnose this?

Cheers, Richard

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 4.29.03 PM

:search: 524 and click on the #CommunityTip for QuickFix ideas for fixing a 524

Or…follow the Pro Tip suggestion and click on 524 for a 524 #CommunityTip to fix a 524 error


Thanks. I should have mentioned I’ve gone through this list, much of which is in the hands of my webhost. Fortunately, a level-two support guy at my host picked this up and is willing to work on it. They suspect Mod Sec rules may be getting in the way which is new to me. My uneducated intuitive is that perhaps belt-and-suspenders, and maybe chastity belt is too much in the way. They have whitelisted some rules, which has reduced but not eliminated the problem in the cases I’ve tried. Is there a best-practice for Mod Sec on servers? Cheers.

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