How do I deactivate Cloudflare?

My client used an ecommerce solution that has gone dark.

She has moved her website to shopify.

After getting her DNS records setup, it is still not working, and give me this alert:

Your domain has a Cloudflare Proxy, which is not supported by Shopify

You may experience issues with your connection. It is recommended you remove the proxy.

I have not heard of Cloudflare before today and all I want to do is remove it from my client’s domain. Of course I can only get a real person to help me if I sign up for a paid account. Please will someone help me so my client’s website can work.

Thanks in advance.

In the Cloudflare dashboard, select the domain, then turn off the proxy for the records pointed to Shopify by setting the cloud from :orange: to :grey:

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Thank you. Important detail: this domain is not connected to my cloudflare account

I don’t have the credentials for the cloudflare account that affects this domain.

I have access to this domain’s DNS records, and to its shopify account, but I did not add Cloudflare to it (we think the old ecommerce solution, which is unresponsive, maybe took this step) so I can’t touch it. And the fact that it has Cloudflare is preventing Shopify from working properly.

And no one from Cloudflare will help me unless I pay for a plan for a service I don’t want and didn’t know existed before today.

So … ???

I assume you mean at the registrar. Ergo…

I suggest changing the nameservers to those of the registrar or third-party (other than Cloudflare) so you have full control and can configure them as required.


Yes, the registrar account that holds this domain is mine. It is set to the registrar’s nameservers already. The registrar is NameCheap (have used them for many years). I have had 2 livechat support chats with them where they say the DNS records are set up correctly for shopify.

AND YET … when I go into shopify to see what’s up with the domain settings, I get a “needs attention” alert and the following:

Your domain has a Cloudflare Proxy, which is not supported by Shopify

You may experience issues with your connection. It is recommended you remove the proxy.

So … I need to “remove the proxy” but … how?

ok. What solution was that? (curious as it may matter if that provider was using cloudflare for saas)

ok. Can you share a link to the doc you are using to do that setup?

To do that you just need to

Can you share the name of the zone (domain/site)?

If you paid for an account and opened a ticket for Support for a zone that is not active in your account, plan type won’t matter, support can only work with the account owner. A paid plan won’t matter.

We can assist here as much as possible, as long as the issue is not account, billing, nor registrar related. We we typically do that very rapidly given enough details. The questions about domain name and past provider will help.


Thanks for being willing to help. Issue has been resolved! Someone from Cloudflare got back to me* saying that the old ecommerce solution (LightSpeed) had created a Custom Hostname certificate with Cloudflare that is preventing shopify from resolving properly. I’ve submitted a ticket to LightSpeed about it and hope they will get back to me. When my client’s website stopped working a couple months ago they were not responsive to her, so … fingers crossed.

*I signed up for the free cloudflare account and when I tried to contact support they redirected me to this community, saying the usual customer support requires a paid plan. But thankfully one of my requests reached someone who could explain the situation to me and now I know what’s going on and what the next step is.

Thanks again.


Thank you, let us know how that works out. That is 100% the way it’s supposed to work.

If any issues, let us know, we have some fallback options.

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