How do I create subdomain?

I moved my domain “” to Cloudflare.
Then I tried to create subdomain “”.
I added CNAME record:

I am getting error:

I was not able to find any good article on the topic, so I created new one.

How do I fix this error and let my site work correctly?

I found the possible answer on stackoverflow, but it does not solve my error. Maybe it will help you somehow:

Dear community, this time Cloudflare made me sad and angry. No support and no good documentation - only unanswered questions which will wasting your time. I temporary stopped DNS propagation and back to parent registrar.

If you see this question unresolved and closed just know - Cloudflare failed.

We are all volunteers here and help others in our own free time. I don’t have time to just sit here all day waiting for someone to ask a question. If you want an official response, open a support ticket, but if you are on a free plan, they will probably take a lot longer to respond than we do. I don’t think only allowing us 1 hour to respond is very reasonable.

No DNS records are showing for, can you try creating an A record pointing to to the same IP as your main website to see if that works. Also, what nameservers are given to you if you scroll down the DNS page?


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