How do I create a subdomain and redirect it>?

Hi, My DNS server is Cloudflare, and my registrar is godaddy. I want to create a subdomain in Cloudflare and redirect it to a certain URL. Cloudflare does not have technical support, so I am supposed to “ask the community” if anyone figured it out and can point me in the right direction

Of course they have. They just point you to the KB or the community to not get overwhelmed with questions about basics :wink:

If you want to redirect to a foreign URL, add an A record for your desired Subdomain and point it to

At next you need to create a page rule like

Forwarding URL
Status Code: 301

ok, in other words it’s something I have to have an IT person do. I can find my way around go daddy, but this is too technical. Thanks for the feedback

I don’t believe an IT person is typically needed for this type of task, but it depends on the organization. Here are some additional links, perhaps one of them will help. If not perhaps you could clarify what is unclear in @MarkMeyer’s instructions.


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