How do I correctly specify that the firewall rule only works on the primary domain?

Hello. I created a firewal rule for my site that should only work for the main domain and subdomain of www. But now I see in the statistics that this rule (or rather its other conditions) is triggered for the rest of the subdomains. Question: how do I create a rule that will only work on the main domain and will not work on subdomains? However, there will be other conditions in the rule.

Set a ‘hostname’ equals condition.

Hello. Thanks for the reply.
I did so, and specified the other conditions with an “and”. But I can see in the firewall logs that this applies to subdomains as well.

Can you post a picture (or the expression itself) of that firewall rule? If properly configured, it takes a specific hostname into consideration.

And then? Allow? Challenge? Block?

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