How do I correct my reverse DNS

Hi, I’m am VERY new to Cloudflare and need help configuring my reverse DNS settings. I’ve reviewed the help page regarding this and the very first instruction is unclear. I have attempted adding my IP address (as it states…I don’t know what my reverse IP address is so I just used what I had) into the “domain” box, but it give me an error. I then attempted to use any of the information that is there on the help page into the domain box, and I still get an error. So I’m unable to move past step one. I’d REALLY appreciate some help.


You will need to contact the provider that gave you the IP address, and ask them for further assistance on how to adjust the Reverse DNS (PTR) record for your IP address.

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I think that I’ve not explained correctly. Here is what the instructions say:

Step 1 - Create a reverse DNS zone

  1. Within your account, click Add site.
  2. For your site name, use the reverse IP address:
  • For IPv4 /24 prefixes, the pattern is:
    • IP prefix: <octet_1>.<octet_2>.<octet_3>.0/24
    • Reverse zone address: <octet_3>.<octet_2>.<octet_1>
  • For IPv4 /16 prefixes, the pattern is:
    • IP prefix: <octet_1>.<octet_2>.0.0/16
    • Reverse zone address: <octet_2>.<octet_1>

My question is WHERE do I find this reverse IP address because I’ve entered the IP and both outlook domains that I have into the box on the add site page and all of them come back as invalid domain. I’ve also tried entering the patterns in the instructions. I feel like I’m missing a step and the help site is unclear.

DNS entries are managed by the owner of a domain, Reverse DNS is managed by the owner of an IP address (usually your host).

Unless you own an IP block, you cannot use Cloudflare to create a reverse DNS zone.

Try to find the reverse DNS option in your hosting providers menu. You will not be able to create a reverse DNS entry if you use a shared IP address.

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So, question: if I have my site built on say Wix, but I bought my domain from say Godaddy. Would Wix then be my domain host? Asking because I think I’m finally starting to sort this out and where my host may be

If your website is on Wix, then Wix needs to set the reverse DNS records for the IP address of your website.

However, why do you think you need to do this? Whatever problem you’re trying to solve, reverse DNS is probably not the answer.

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I’m trying to solve it because when I check my DNS settings on an external site, the only thing not getting a green check is the reverse DNS. Everything else is gravy

That is completely irrelevant for a website and I assume not something you can change anyway. Just ignore it.

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