How do I correct errors of MX and other propagating issues?

The domain and subdomain are not propagating. The MX for the main domain has an error mark against it, with a concern for an exposed IP address, None of the subdomain email are delivered, but we can send. Moreover, where do I put MX for subdomain. My last host asked me to return to them, and I am very stress to breakpoint at the moment. Is there anything Cloudflare can do to resolve this issue. And the bot replies are not helpful.
Thank you.

The exposed warning is normal in a mail context as Cloudflare does not proxy SMTP and so those IP addresses will always be public.

What’s the domain?

You seem to have a broken DNSSEC setup.

You need to update the DNSSEC settings at your registrar’s with the values provided by Cloudflare.

The MX record itself is correctly in place.

Your DNSSEC is broken, which will cause lots of issues. You also should create email specific DNS records such as SPF and DMARC which can improve deliverability issues.

Hi Michael, Is there a step by step way to go about fixing the DNSSEC? And creating a specific DNS records? Thank you

I already mentioned what you need to do in my earlier response. If something is unclear about your registrar’s interface you best contact them and clarify where and how to enter the values. On Cloudflare’s side you find them in the DNS settings.

Thank you, Sandro, for a non-techie, I am looking into it.

Once the values are correctly set at your registrar, resolution should also work. It currently is not a propagation issue but rather a broken DNSSEC setup.

Ok, thank you.

Still unresolved after hours of trying to input info from last host.

Still broken, still needs fixing on your registrar’s side.

Ok, I will rest now and take it up tomorrow. Thank you.

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