How do I copy/mirror a primary server on standby server for failover and load balancing?

I’ve recently signed up for load balancing so that we may have a primary server and a secondary server for automatic failover in case the primary server goes down.

I’d be grateful for any recommendation of what software to use for syncing/mirroring the primary server on the secondary server when used for failover, as your help article above describes?

We have a Ubuntu-based server.



You might find better assistance for more generic questions like this on a non-Cloudflare forum, but is a very popular tool for mirroring data across servers. It’s not what I’d personally recommend for a use-case like this, but it could work.

It’s going to depend a lot on how your own services are running though - do your services need any custom configuration? If you’re using some kind of orchestration system already such as Kubernetes, this should be easy to manage within that too.

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