How do I contact support

We used to use you as a vender to support a site: virginiajobs-peopleadmin-com. To my understanding, we have not used it for several years and are no longer paying for it. For security reasons we need to ensure your DNS no longer has an entry for the site. or IT department is saying that your DNS does respond when we try to ping the site. again , please remove the site from your DNS servers.

Or tell me how to contact support as your site is giving me the run around.
Thank you. -Will, Virginia Department of Human Resource Management.

Your site is currently using Cloudflare’s DNS but the records are not proxied and are pointing to an external provider.

If you want to remove the site from Cloudflare, you will need to log in to your dashboard and delete the relevant DNS records (I’m not sure if you just want to delete the virginiajobs subdomain or the domain). The domain is registered with Cloudflare registrar until 4 May 2026.

It may be a free account so not paying for it won’t stop it.

If you can’t recall how to access the account, follow the steps here…


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